Defining Benevolence:

Benevolence is a ministry of care and compassion that provides assistance to persons in times of need. The ministry of benevolence is rooted in the following biblical passages: Matthew 25:35-45; Acts 2:44-45; Galatians 2:10; 1 John 3:17-18


The Benevolence Ministry is composed of the Pastor, Chair of Deacons, Chair of Deaconesses, Chair of Trustees and three members of the congregation recommended by the Pastor.

Responsibilities: The Benevolence Ministry has the following responsibilities:

  • Determine, organize, and administer a ministry of compassion that will assist persons in times of need.
  • Provide assistance with the following: a) food; b) clothing; c) lodging; d) transportation; e) funeral expenses; f) medical expenses; g) other needs as appropriate.
  • Receive and process benevolence requests with compassion and confidentiality.
  • Members of the Benevolence Ministry will not participate in distribution decisions involving family members.
  • Develop a Benevolence Request application, as a vehicle to track, investigate, and process requests.
  • Recommend benevolence contributions to agencies that provide assistance (e.g. homeless shelters, food pantries, Red Cross, Salvation Army).
  • Disburse benevolence funds directly to provider or by vouchers (no cash disbursements).
  • Submit an Annual Report.

Source of Benevolence Funds:

  • Church offerings
  • Special Contributions

Types of Assistance:

  • Short-term
  • Emergency
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