Minister of Music Job Description 

Position Summary:  In consultation with the Senior Pastor, the Minister of Music leads the music ministry throughout the church. This includes using the congregation’s musical gifts as a means of and aid to worship, leading the congregation to minister to each other through music, encouraging the fellowship of individuals and groups who share an appreciation of various genres of sacred music’ and fostering musical talent and expression among all age groups within the congregation. 

Principal Functions: The Minister of Music is responsible to the Senior Pastor for planning, coordinating, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive music ministry of Ebenezer Baptist Church.  This ministry includes, but is not limited to, the direction of the adult choirs, leading congregational singing during worship services, facilitating children and youth choirs, and instrumental groups; and providing piano/organ accompaniment.

Key Attributes:

  • A role model of Christian professionalism.
  • Strong commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church;
  • Competent and compassionate; Models a Christian attitude of concern fostering supportive and caring relationships among choir members and other participants in the music ministry program.
  • Committed to biblical Christian principles and teachings, both professionally and personally.

Primary Responsibilities: 

  • Plan, organize and lead the ministry of music
  • Plan and select appropriate music for worship services which is reflective of liturgical seasons and designated Scriptures for worship services, as well as special services and other celebrations including but not limited to instrumental, choral and solo selections that maintain a balance between traditional gospel, contemporary gospel and classical music;
  • Coordinate music for services which includes choral anthems, congregational hymns, special music, and/or cantatas and musicals with emphasis on the Christian liturgical calendar and emphases of the church, special sermon series or the like which include a mixture of sacred music genres;
  • Plan and coordinate with the ministers appropriate music for worship services and other church programs including but not limited to annual musicale, Christmas or Lenten/Easter programs.
  • Submit musical selections for Sunday service(s) in a timely manner.
  • Supervise, manage and evaluate the work of all Music Ministry staff, delegate work and responsibility as appropriate. 
  • Oversee the children, youth and young adult music ministries ensuring their participation on a monthly basis in worship service as designated by the Minister(s).
  • Enlist and train volunteer leaders for music ministry programs for and with children, youth and young adult choirs;
  • Organize and oversee all choral, handbell/chime and musical group activities for all ages;
  • Provide choral direction of choir groups and congregational singing at all regularly scheduled worship services;
  • Rehearse choir(s) and soloist(s) on a weekly basis in preparation for worship service(s).
  • Encourage and recruit members of the congregation and others who attend church to use their God-given musical talents and abilities in the service of Christ and the church;
  • Serve as a resource and arrange for music to support special worship services and projects, funerals, weddings and other church related activities in cooperation with appropriate individuals or groups, including the recruitment and confirmation of instrumentalist or choral singers;
  • Comply with all church policies and procedures as well as all applicable federal and state laws;
  • Promote growth and musical development of the choirs through participation in musical training opportunities, special music classes or seminars;
  • Be informed of and comply with church goals, publications, materials, policies and plans;
  • Perform other duties related to the music department as assigned by the Senior Pastor.
  • Effective Administration of the Music Ministry
  • Attend staff and program meetings to provide professional guidance and assist in planning to ensure a high quality music ministry program;
  • Propose and administer the annual music budget relative to expenditures involved in the areas of ministry, and keeping all expenditures within the approved and accepted budget;
  • Monitor purchasing, maintenance and replacement of music-related materials, equipment, supplies and instruments;
  • Submit timely reports for the Semi-annual and Annual Church meetings and other reports as necessary to keep the church fully informed concerning the music ministry;
  • Oversee maintenance of the music library, materials, supplies, musical instruments and other equipment useful in the music ministry including developing a plan for the ensuring that all musical equipment remains fully functional and up to date, Music Library inventory, Computer software documentation, music instrument inventory, cleaning of choir robes etc.;
  • Serve on, and work with, church committees as assigned by the Senior Pastor, such as the church council or the church nominating committee to enlist and train leaders for the music ministry.
  • Establish a Music Council which will meet regularly to assist with determining music goals, objectives, organization, and leadership evaluation.
  • Continue to grow professionally as a church musician
  • Keep informed on current developments in church music by maintaining contact with other churches and professional groups, utilizing new developments and methods where appropriate;
  • Be active in professional development through continuing education, reading current literature, and participating in professional societies.



  • At least one professional degree and/or certification within the field of music; 
  • A minimum of 4 years of successful experience on a music church staff in a leadership role or other music related position;
  • Willingness and ability to teach how music is connected to the particular worship service’s biblical and spiritual message;
  • Ability to work collegially in planning and programming and in providing support, encouragement, and guidance for music ministry staff.
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities in recruitment, program coordination, and administration;
  • Ability to work effectively with all age groups, skill levels and personalities;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of theology, biblically informed and the practice of worship;
  • Proficiency in organ or piano accompaniment and choral conducting;
  • Desire and ability to make a creative contribution to the total church program;
  • Strong administrative, verbal and written communication skills;
  • Basic computer skills including knowledge of music software;
  • Understanding and appreciation for the breadth and variety of musical traditions within the black church and its interplay with aspects of secular/popular culture and the ability to apply that knowledge to the music ministry.
  • This position will require the flexibility to work during the day for funerals, some evenings for night services or rehearsals, Saturdays and every Sunday. Some travel is required.
  • This work may require extended periods of sitting and/or standing. Regular attendance is required for this position.

The Vision

Ebenezer Third Baptist Church Music Ministry

Vision Statement:  To revolutionize the Music Ministry to such a level that Ebenezer Baptist Church will become a strong Christian music center.

  • To minister, through God-centered worship services, rather than be entertainment driven,
  • To secure an adequate budget that will facilitate a comprehensive music ministry,
  • To employ a full-time visionary, energetic Minister of Music who has authority and responsibility for planning, implementing and evaluating a comprehensive, quality, worshipful music program of praise and thanksgiving to God,
  • To implement and maintain a graded choir program,
  • To provide quality experiences where music theory and vocal enhancements are integrated into the rehearsals,
  • To confirm a regular performing worship schedule for each musical ensemble/group, including regular and special services (ex. 5th Sunday Mission programs, other annual presentations),
  • To regularly provide energetic congregational and praise worship music,
  • To design a varied musical repertoire that includes a broad genre’ (spirituals, anthems, hymns, traditional and contemporary gospel, seasonal musical celebrations) accompanied by appropriate instruments, where applicable,
  • To provide a training/retraining laboratory which emphasizes musical and spiritual development for all musicians, including choir directors, soloists, song leaders, accompanists and other instrumentalists,
  • To develop an ongoing recruitment calendar for each musical group,
  • To continue and expand small group choral outreach for senior care and rehabilitation centers,
  • To organize a music advisory/outreach council to the Minister of Music that supports growth, programming and leadership evaluation.