Join our Evangelist Outreach Team!
Mission Statement: To Develop Christ-like persons through life-changing experiences: worship, study, teaching, fellowship, evangelism, and service.
Vision Statement: “Growing (building) a Christian Community through God’s Word, Discipleship, Service, and Love”
Evangelism Ministry Objective: The Evangelism Ministry is composed of representatives of Church auxiliaries/ministries and members from the congregation at large. Fundamental to the work of this core ministry team is to keep our evangelistic efforts aligned with the vision and mission of the church, its purpose and goals. Members are encouraged to seek out the unchurched and unsaved in the community and surrounding neighborhoods.
Please read the descriptions of the Teams developed under the Evangelism Ministry. After doing so, we would love for you to consider committing to at least one. Provide your name and contact information in the form below. Someone from the Evangelism Ministry will contact you.
Packet Team prepare packets to include materials that will be distributed:
1. Info about Ebenezer
2. Website, Facebook and contact info.
3. Info about salvation, prayer, and coping strategies
4. Listing of community resources
Prayer Team pray with and for the outreach teams and form a prayer chain built upon the
Prayer List
1. Reach out to neighbors, friends, strangers with an offer to pray
2. Have youth and children to set up virtual trivia nights with friends/classmates or to play
online board games
3. Set up a virtual group (on Facebook) to talk about what Christians believe and invite
people to join the conversation.
4. Get a team of folk who are willing to do follow up calls.
5. Have Social Media Team send snippets of sermons or Bible lessons to people in our zip
The Community Resources Team will help promote public education, volunteer recruitment,
coordination and develop a listing of resources to post on website and social media platforms,
using specific tags that lead to our website when folk type in certain things:
1. Listing of housing/rent resources in Travis and Williamson Counties
2. Listing of food resources
3. Listing of mental health resources
4. Covid -19 testing resources
5. Post Updates on Website and Facebook
Training Teams coordinate train the trainers’ sessions, provide potential training from outside
entities with expertise in various subject matters as it relates to outreach ministries with the same
Christian doctrine. Prepare scripts, possible scenarios, role plays, view videos on possible
Marketing Team/ The Social Media provide any materials, pictures of evangelist outreach for
video presentations. A Social Media Specialist will be responsible for representing the church
mission online. The media platforms will ensure that the Church speaks to the Unchurched and
Unsaved population in a unified Christian voice. Collaborate with Evangelist Leaders, Reverend
Torrence Spears, Community Outreach Lead, Small Group Ministry Lead, Greeters Lead and
Safety Training Team Lead.
Small Group Ministry-members willing to host small groups. Responsibilities include reaching
out to the church Social Media, and Community Resource Team to post information about
scheduled Small Group Bible Study meetings by announcing when and where and the time to
meet. The group will be reaching out to the needs of the Unsaved and Unchurched in the
surrounding community.
The Safety Committee– is responsible for all safety training for the entire Evangelism Team.
Each team member would have taken safety precautions before proceeding with assigned
responsibilities in the community. The safety committee will report to the Evangelist leader what
training will be put in place and when and how the training will be provided to each team. The
safety committee will do updates to each committee as pertinent information arrives pertaining to
the safe of the team.