We are Looking for a Media Intern! 
About the role: This is the perfect opportunity for a student eager to break into the media world and
work with a historical church in Austin, TX. The Media Intern will collaborate with Ebenezer’s
ministry leaders to engage people through social media platforms and help them connect to the ministries of the

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
I. Content Creation: Create and publish content across various social media platforms.
a. Developing and create marketing content, including graphics, to be used on various social media
platforms and events.
b. Assisting with shooting and editing video segments to be shared via live worship experience, and online
across our various platforms.
c. Developing and executing ideas for video, graphics and any other creative elements that will impact on
our audiences.
d. Assisting with development of flyers, newsletters, video campaigns, and photography.
II. Community Interaction: Monitor posts, conversations, shares, likes, and all other ways that social media
action occurs. Engage interactively with the community. Represent the church’s voice. Provide responses
that connect people to ministry resources.
III. Metrics and Reporting: Analyze traffic, track results, gauge success, and report findings. Shape content and
strategy based on data.
IV. Duties, responsibilities, and activities my change or new ones may be assigned at any time with or without
Desired Skills, Abilities, and Characteristics
I. Personal Traits: Highly motivated. Self-disciplined. Organized. Teachable. Team player. Detailed oriented.
II. Skills: Digital native. Strong written and oral communicator. Knowledge in design and video editing.
III. Education and experience: Training in communications-related fields such as public relations, graphic
design, copywriting, and photography. Demonstrated skill in social media as a marketing and
communication toolset. At least one year of college.

Location: Austin, TX

Time Requirement: 15-20 hours per week.
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