The Deaconesses, in cooperation with the Pastor and Deacons, are responsible for the guidance, nurture, and leadership of the congregation. The duties of the Deaconesses include:
  • Assisting the Pastor and Deacons with Communion.
  • Assisting the Pastor and Deacons with Baptism.
  • Visiting sick, shut-in and bereaved members.
  • Mentoring and counseling women of the congregation.
  • Supporting new converts and assisting them in becoming acclimated to the church.
  • Collaborating with the Trustees, Deacons, and other Church groups, as requested by the Chair of Deaconesses or the Pastor.
  • Providing outreach and evangelism in the community
• President- Betty J. Hudspeth
• 1st Vice President- Vina Coleman
• 2nd Vice President- Alice Reeves